While stock exhaust systems get the job done, many drivers seeking increased performance, power, and style opt for an upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system. Here are three of the reasons you should upgrade your system.

More Power

Many stock exhaust systems, along with a few aftermarket ones, use the “crush-bend” technique when creating their pipe. This leaves the sides of the pipe crinkled, reducing air flow. Most aftermarket exhaust systems, however, use the “mandrel bend,” which gives the pipe smooth edges. Because the exhaust is able to flow more quickly away from the engine in these pipes, the engine can burn fuel more quickly, increasing power.

Longer Lasting

Better quality material is also a great reason to upgrade your exhaust system. Many vehicle manufacturer use mild steel, which tends to deteriorate over the life of the car. Aftermarket systems using stainless steel last much longer.

Sound and Appearance

Some drivers look to exhaust upgrades from an aesthetic viewpoint as well. The wider, more open pipes often lead to a deeper rumble at idle, and a strong growl at acceleration. This aggressive sound, as well as the polished look of new pipes make a car look custom and desirable.
Whether you are looking for power, style, or a combination of the two, call Darrel’s Economy Mufflers to explore a variety of aftermarket exhaust systems.

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