A vehicle can generally go for about 100,000 miles before they need a catalytic converter replacement. Although that means you do not have to worry about yours too frequently, the day will eventually come when you need to swap your aging converter out with a new one. Pay attention to the warning signs that your car’s converter is about to fail.

Increased Emissions

The catalytic converter is needed to reduce your vehicle’s output of carbon emissions. When it starts to break down, more emissions are going to be released, and your car may not pass its next checkup. It is illegal to drive a car giving out an excessive amount of carbon gases.

Poor Fuel Economy

A broken catalytic converter may also force you to visit the gas station more often than you are used to. If you are not getting the mileage out of your car that you are used to, then the converter could be to blame.


Misfiring is extremely dangerous for the catalytic converter. If left unaddressed, it could begin to melt certain components. This melting is the result of the converter overheating to an extreme degree.
Never drive around with a faulty catalytic converter. A replacement is going to be necessary, and you can get the components you need from a first-class auto shop. Call Darrel’s Economy Mufflers to learn more.

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