Exhaust Repair and Custom Exhaust Systems

A custom exhaust is a great option for anybody interested in ramping up their car. You probably know a custom exhaust can provide improvements, but in order to fully take advantage of its benefits, you should trust a professional mechanic to design and install it. Darrel’s Economy Mufflers specializes in creating customized mufflers and exhaust systems for clients in Portland. Our team of automotive professionals can help you decide which options are best for your vehicle. We will collaborate with you to meet your needs and provide you with an awesome arrangement.

Improved Performance for Your Car

Custom exhaust installation can offer a range of benefits to drivers. If you upgrade your exhaust manifolds or any other part of your muffler system, you can enjoy increased performance capability and all of its benefits:

Improved efficiency: As exhaust gases can escape more efficiently, gas mileage on your car will improve.

Noticeable sounds: Many people enjoy the distinctive rumble or growl that is emitted by a custom muffler.

Bigger pipes: Wider diameter looks great, and it also allows gasses to escape quickly for improved performance.


There are plenty of reasons you might want a custom exhaust system. When you’re looking for a shop to help you create and install it, however, you should be selective about who you trust. Darrel’s Economy Mufflers is the top provider of muffler and related systems service in area so whether you need exhaust installation or catalytic converter replacement, we have the tools and expertise for the task.

Improved Performance for Your Car

Your exhaust manifolds are an essential part of your car. When they require service or repairs, it’s best not to wait. The manifold functions to route toxic fumes from your car’s engine away from the inside of your vehicle. This keeps you safe and filters your auto’s emissions, too. If your manifold is failing, it could be broken or cracked. You might notice your gas mileage is worsening, or you may find out when you fail to pass an emissions inspection. No matter what the situation is, we have the tools and expertise necessary to offer whatever fixes or replacement must be done.

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Your mufflers and exhaust system play an important role in the well-being of your car. If you have a concern, or if there are signs they need attention from a mechanic, you can come to us for trustworthy and professional service.

Darrel’s Economy Mufflers has been family owned and operated since 1984. The shop was established to provide our customers quality craftsmanship at a fair price. We only use quality parts and guarantee our work for up to two years. We specialize only in exhaust work, and all of our employees have over 25 years of experience.

We serve clients in areas such as Park Rose, Happy Valley, Montavilla, Gresham, Clackamas, Vancouver and the greater Portland-Metro area.



Darrel’s Economy Mufflers has been family owned and operated since 1984. We work specifically on Mufflers and Exhaust, for all makes and models.